Email System Upgrade

Important information about the upcoming SDUSD email system upgrade

The Integrated Technology Support Services department will be upgrading the District email system for staff from Microsoft’s Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. This upgrade and migration of staff mailboxes is scheduled to be ongoing through 2018.

This migration will provide a number of immediate benefits:

  •  Enhanced functionality and usability for Outlook Web Access (OWA) users
  •  Full support for Chrome browser platform
  •  Support for larger message and attachment sizes
  •  End-to- end client access encryption
  •  Increased mail flow and routing performance
  •  Increased reliability with support for data center failover

This migration will affect all District staff email accounts

For most users, the migration of individual email accounts to the new Exchange system will happen overnight and not be noticeable. All mail, calendar, and contact items will appear in Outlook as they did before.

What does this mean for me?

Your username and password do not change. Continue to use your 6-digit employee ID and password as you do with all other SDUSD web apps (PeopleSoft, PowerSchool, Destiny) and Active Directory.

The public/private selection will continue to control the OWA login timeout as before.

When will I be migrated to Exchange 2016?

You will be notified before your mailbox is moved. The exact timeline for mailbox migration is currently under development. All active mailboxes will be moved in 2018.

Near-term changes

In order to begin the migration process, we must change over certain facets of the current system to Exchange 2016. The first of these will be the Outlook Web App (OWA) login screen.

The current OWA login screen looks like this:

San Diego Unified Web App

The new 2016 OWA login screen will change to this:

Outlook Login Screen

Will I see the new OWA interface immediately?

All users will see the new OWA login window currently.  However, until your mailbox is migrated to an Exchange 2016 mailbox server, you will continue to see the 2010 version of OWA.

What if I have already received messages regarding upgrading my mailbox or activating my account?

Any messages you may have received requesting that you to take action to upgrade or (re)activate your email account are fraudulent. Those messages are attempting to steal your information and gain access to your account. The District’s official email upgrade activities will not require you to take any action.

You will continue to access your email through the same methods currently used.

Please consider the following tips when evaluating the authenticity of any email you receive regarding your access to SDUSD computing services:

  •  All email communication will originate from a email address. They should provide a point of contact who is either a District employee or a well-known entity such as the IT helpdesk
  •  Information about large initiatives such as the email upgrade project will also be available through the Staff Portal Website and Newsline
  •  Messages with a threatening tone or demanding immediate action to avoid loss of access are fraudulent

Supported Clients

The following clients will be fully supported and functional in the new ITSS Microsoft Exchange 2016 environment:


  •  Outlook 2016
  •  Outlook 2013
  •  Outlook 2010 SP2
  •  Outlook for Mac for Office 365
  •  Outlook for Mac 2016
  •  Outlook for Mac 2011


  •  Microsoft Edge
  •  Internet Explorer 10 or later
  •  Firefox 17 and later
  •  Safari 6 and later
  •  Chrome 24 and later


  •  Outlook App for Apple iOS and Android
  •  Mail App for Apple iOS
  •  Gmail App for Android