Clever Badges

Clever Badge and Portal

Clever Badges can help younger students login to the Clever Portal without needing to type a username and password. Clever Badges are enabled for grades TK-2 in San Diego Unified.

Students cannot login to devices, like Chromebooks, using a Clever Badge. At this time, Clever Badges can only be used for the Clever Portal.

How does it work?

Clever Badges Step 1

Clever Badges Step 2

Clever Badges Step 3

How do teachers create Clever Badges?

Please refer to the Clever support site to find out how teachers can create Clever Badges for their classes in grades TK-2. If your school has a School Tech Lead assigned in Clever, they can also assist with creating badges for classes.

Can Clever Badges be used by older students?

If you would like to use Clever Badges for a class of students who are not in grades TK-2, please submit a request to the IT Help Desk for assistance.