Clever Resources

What is Clever?

Read a brief overview of what the Clever Portal offers and how it can be used at your school. We also recommend that you review the list of applications available in the Clever Portal.

How do I login to the Clever Portal?

CleverTo login to the Clever Portal visit and enter your district username and password. Use this one-page handout for accessing the Clever portal, if you need an additional resource to share with others.

What are Clever Badges?

Clever Badges allow students in grades Preschool-2 to login to the Clever Portal without typing a username and password. Instead, students hold up the Clever Badge to the camera on their device and are instantly logged into the Clever Portal. For more information, please refer to the Clever Badges page and this one-page handout on Clever Badges. Teachers can create badges for each class in grades Preschool-2.

Who uses Clever?

Take a look at the Clever Portal Login Analytics page for more information.

Teacher Resources

Are you new to Clever? The Teacher Portal Guide provides a basic overview of Clever. Visit Clever Academy to learn more about using Clever.

Are your students having problems logging in? The Teacher Troubleshooting Guide includes some helpful tips. If students are still having problems, please submit a support ticket to get assistance from the IT Help Desk.

Did you know you can add custom links and resources for the classes you teach? Find out more about Teacher Pages on the Clever support website.

Did you know you can add apps to Clever for the classes you teach? Find out more about the Clever Library on the Clever support website.

Open eBooks

Find out more about using Open eBooks.