The San Diego Unified School District is in the process of implementing the InformaCast Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) to every school site. 

InformaCast is a mass notification system that will enable sites to broadcast critical notices during Disasters.

Here are the key features of the System:

  • Zone based Paging; Interior, Exterior and Both.
  • Classroom based Paging for Two-way communication through a VoIP phone and a Classroom's IP-Clock/Speaker.
  • Bell Schedules, Ring Lists.
  • Ability to setup SMS/Email notifications utilizing Campaigns (site specific).


ITSS Help Desk Phone#: 619-209-4357 or Cherwell Ticketing System

  • Adjust Clock Time.
  • Change Pin for Authorized Users.
  • Assign VoIP Phone as ECS Speaker.
  • VoIP Platform and Singlewire Cloud Configurations.
  • Speakers Present Busy Signal when Dialed Directly.
  • On-Prem InformaCast Fusion Appliance.
  • Assigning Speed Dial to Access ECS platform Mass Notifications.
  • Distribution List and Campaign Adjustments (DHH).

PPO Work Order Desk Phone#: 619-278-6740 or PPO Work Order (internal-access-only)

  • Daily Bell Schedules.
  • Device Groups / Zones
  • Bell Tones. (custom options not supported)
  • Speaker Volume Adjustments.
  • Device Repair caused by Physical Damage/Vandalism.


Q: Why do my Staff Receive Email messages for our School Bells?

A: When configuring your Ring lists, you have an "Overrides Distribution List" option. This should be DHH only. the "Mobile Devices" is for Email communications.


Q: Why do I hear Bell/ Tones from my VoIP Phone?

A: Sites were not engineered from the beginning to exclude VoIP Phones from the Bells notifications. A Device group needs to be created, similarly for Shower Bell Device Groups.


Resources to get started with using your InformaCast ECS platform:

Singlewire ECS Login

50% Deployment in Progress, 100% Go-Live