Video Tutorials

Additional video tutorials are linked with the PowerSchool handbooks and job aids. Be sure to check them out!

Enrolling a Student in a Class at Another School (3:5)

How to enroll a student in a class at another school.

EL Reclassification Follow-up Report (2:5)

How to Identify EL students requiring follow-up and print the Reclassification Follow-up Monitoring Review for these students.

Updating Counselor or Home Room Information (6:0)

How to add or update Counselor or Home Room information for one student and a group of students.

District Exit Page (8:0)

Learn the important details of completing the District Exit page for students who have left the district. 

Parent Portal Updates (5:0)

How to review, approve and apply Parent Portal updates in PowerSchool.

Select students to Print Parent Portal Access Letter (1:5)

Learn how to make a group of students with a primary contact language of English (plus other), Spanish, Tagalog, or Vietnamese. Then print a Parent Portal Access Letter in the corresponding language.