MFA Enrollment

MFA enrollment is the process of establishing your additional factor for authentication. Typically, you will only need to complete this once, however you may need to re-enroll due to a change in phone or another MFA device.

The three most convenient and often used options of accomplishing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in our environment include:

  • The Duo App on a Smartphone (Send me a Push, Call me, Enter a Passcode).
  • An SMS (text) message to a cell phone, or Smartphone (No App installation is required).
  • A Direct call to to any phone number (This does not work with extensions).

NOTE:  DO NOT connect Duo to a Google Voice account that is linked to a "" email address. Email and Google are MFA protected applications and you will not be able to retrieve the MFA code for login.

If a phone is not available to use for MFA and you need an alternative option, please contact the IT representative found at the bottom of the notification email. You may also contact the IT helpdesk at (619) 209-HELP.

DUO - Multifactor Authentication Job Aid.

No DUO app required - "Phone call" or "Text message" only - Job Aid.