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What's NEW?

Removing Student Google Accounts from Android Devices

  1. Go to additional options menu (three dots) at the bottom of the home page.

  2. Select Settings

  3. Enter the passcode.

  4. Under Accounts, select the "Google Account".

  5. Tap on the student google account near the top of the window.

  6. At the top right corner, select the additional options (three dots) menu

  7. Select Remove Account.

Android Reimaging

As of 12/20 the district is starting to reimage android devices. This reimaging will help to make the androids more functional by updating and adding new apps to the basic image. Along with improved functionality, we have added the new wifi network so connectivity issues are greatly improved. Your tablets will be completely ST Math ready. We also have gain the ability to push out apps from the playstore and directly add webclips/shortcuts to your homescreen (by Principal request). Use the links below to take a sneak peek at the new layout and begin exploring some of the available options:

Year 4 Androids

Year 5 Androids

ST Math

The district will be reimaging ALL android devices to update applications, improve functionality, and accomodate the changes needed for ST Math. More information on that is coming. However, if you are eager to get started now, you may choose to update your androids yourself using the following job aides. This is not a required task, and is completely voluntary.

Year 4 ST MATH Job Aid

Year 5 ST MATH Job Aid

Clever Badging: Use a QR Code Badge to log TK-2 Students into Clever!

As of December 13, all Elementary and TK-8/12 schools may begin using the Clever Badging option for their K-2 Classrooms. The teacher guide 'Clever-Badges Teacher-guide v4' linked below provides teachers with the steps and recommendations for printing and distributing the badges to their K-2 students.

Please note the following: Clever Badges for TK-2 students work with laptops, Chromebooks, Androids (once reconfigured by the school site or reimaged by IT Contractors), iPads, and desktops with attached cameras following easy steps:

1. For Windows devices, Androids devices (once reconfigured by the school site or re-imaged by IT), and Chromebooks, students go to and hold their Clever Badge up to the device's camera.


2. For iPads, tap the Clever Instant Login app, and hold their Clever Badge up to the device's camera.

a. Note: The Clever Instant Login iPad app will be remotely installed by IT over the next few days.

In both cases, the student will be immediately taken directly to their Clever portal to access their applications and begin to work. More details are available in the linked guide.

Clever Badge Teacher's Guide 'Clever-Badges Teacher-guide v4'

Android Apps

Note: The IT Department does not actively support adding apps to the current district image. School sites choosing to alter the android's standard district image should have principal permission and take the responsibility for making and maintaining these changes.


Please make sure you are using the Job Aid for your device. Failing to do so may lead to issues that will require Help Desk support. The job aids are hosted via Google Docs, please make sure you are logged into Google with your district account. Documents are limited to users within the district domain. If you are using a personal account, you will not be able to view the document.

Instructions for Downloading Single Apps:

Click here to go to the Year 4 Download Job Aide. (Individual apps include: Firefox, BrainPop, BrainPop Jr, NO app available for Kids A-Z -See Announcement)

Click here to go to the Year 5 Download Job Aide. (Individual apps include: Firefox, BrainPop, BrainPop Jr, Kids A-Z)

Instructions for Adding Google Chrome to the Home Screen:

Click here to go to the Year 4 Job Aide. (Year 4 Devices)

Click here to go to the Year 5 Job Aide. (Year 5 Devices)

Removing App Lock:

Year 4 devices: follow directions above for adding Chrome to Home Screen. Directions for removing app lock are included.

Year 5 devices: Click Here

Android App Interest Survey:

At this time, we are only supporting the addition of a small and limited number of apps to the original district image on the android student devices. Currently, we are not adding any more apps to this list. If you would like to request an app for consideration or for future use please fill out the following survey to let us know your interest:

Curriculum Support Resources

Student Device Pledge Forms

The student pledge form is no longer being used in our district, the Universal form is sufficient. Please do not have students/families sign these.

Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence

Common Sense Media

Lesson Scope and Sequence for TK-2

Technical Support Resources

Dropping internet?

Change the Wi-Fi Settings on Android Devices (NEW! This is available at all sites, coming soon! Stay tuned)

Online Android User Guides

Year 4 Android A1000 User Guide

Year 5 Android A7-50 User Guide

Android Wallpaper

Year 4 Android Wallpaper Image

Year 5 Android Wallpaper Image

Job Aids in Safari Montage

There are many shorter, individualized job aids stored in the Safari Montage database. Use the keyword "Android" in the search box. Be sure to look for "Year 4" or "Year 5" in the descriptions.

Android Device Redistribution

In the event that Android devices need to be shared (redistributed) between other Android classrooms due to class sizes, please consult the redistribution procedure at

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