Attendance Taking for Onsite/Online Instruction

Attendance Taking for Onsite/Online Instruction
Posted on 04/06/2021 at 08:45

As students return to school on Monday, April 12, 2021, all schools must use the same attendance-taking procedures for daily attendance shared by Leadership and Learning at the beginning of the school year and through the remainder of this year. Below is a list of important information for your reference.

  • School sites must discontinue the use of the “H” attendance code to monitor Onsite attendance.
  • Students who selected Onsite instruction and did not attend onsite instruction on their assigned day should be marked “Absent.”
  • Students who selected Online instruction and did not login for simulcast instruction or turn in daily assignments should be marked “Absent.”
  • Teachers can continue to make attendance adjustments within the 5-day window to reflect participation accurately. If an Onsite student does not attend Onsite instruction on their assigned day but does login for simulcast instruction or turns in daily assignments, their attendance can be adjusted to accurately reflect their participation.
  • School attendance clerks should continue to follow the standard attendance procedures to verify daily student attendance.

Please contact the Pupil Accounting Department at [email protected] for questions regarding attendance.

To support schools and comply with CDE reporting, IT will create and mass assign Online/Hybrid Instruction Special Programs in PowerSchool based on Illuminate family/student survey selection data. Special programs will be assigned by IT on Friday, April 9, 2021. The school’s responsibility is to make any adjustments after the initial pass of mass assigning these programs. These adjustments can be managed by a Power User or assigned staff with permissions to add/delete special programs.

  • Special Program - Online or Hybrid Instruction  -  This sqlReport was created to help identify each student’s instructional selection. To run this report, select sqlReports, and then look under Enrollment reports.