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IT Service Desk Information

The IT Service Desk telephone line at 619-209-4357 (HELP) is working and agents are on duty during normal business hours (7:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday) to take your calls.

You can also submit requests for assistance through the District's self-service portal to the online Cherwell CSM ticketing system at

Additionally, you can email your request for assistance to us at [email protected] and our Cherwell ticketing system will automatically turn your email into a Service Desk incident. Please make sure to include your name, employee ID, and a telephone number where you can be reached.


Device Retirement (This policy has been suspended at this time)

After an IT device has been in service at the district for 5 years, the IT department may remove the equipment or administratively disable it in order to keep the districts network secure, efficiently utilize the district's technology support resources, and reduce ongoing infrastructure and licensing costs to the district.

You can read more about device retirement at the following link...

Submit your incident Online using Cherwell Service Management

With a browser like Chrome, MS Edge, or Firefox, you can submit a new Service Desk incident, or check the status of an existing incident, any time via Cherwell Service Management at...

Please create 1 Cherwell incident per computer for equipment hardware issues. Each incident may report multiple issues about a computer/equipment.

SELF HELP: Bringing Solutions Closer to You

For systems like PeopleSoft, Microsoft Office, PowerSchool, etc., we provide a variety of tips, FAQs, 'how to' instructions, and other self help aids at SELF HELP

A new menu of SELF-HELP topics for TEACHERS can be found here...

Self-Help for new teachers

Contact the IT Service Desk at: 619-209-HELP (4357)

Please listen as our phone options have changed

Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

When you call us, please have the following information ready:

  • Your Employee ID,Phone Number, and extension (If calling for, or about a student, have the student's full name and ID)

  • For hardware issues, have the Model, Type, Serial Number or C-tag number, Room Number or Location of the equipment, cart slot number (if applicable).

  • For login or password issues, please be at your computer.

  • Your incident #, if you are calling about an existing incident.

  • Note: If the School Network (Internet) or School Phone System is down, please contact the Service Desk by cell phone. (619) 209-4357

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