Changes in PowerSchool

Changes to PowerSchool
Posted on 02/01/2021 at 07:50

Over the weekend of January 29, 2021, PowerSchool was upgraded to state reporting version 20.11.1. IT also added some enhancements to Log Entries. Please share the following changes with other school staff at your site.

  • Log Entries – enhancements:
  • The Log Entry Text field was expanded from 250 characters to 500 characters
  • Records Access Log Entries will include Student/Alumni in the dropdown for Subtype
  • Records Access Log Entries will include Fax in the dropdown for How records were provided
  • Records Access Log Entries – This report was updated to show the description of how records were provided instead of a code. To run this report, select sqlReports, and then look under Log Entries.
  • Transcript in the Parent/Student Portal – Parents and students at secondary schools can now view the transcript directly or download the PDF file for viewing, sharing, and printing. Please note, students must have an active school enrollment to access the Parent/Student Portal.