Changes in PowerSchool for EL Monitoring

Changes in PowerSchool for English Learner Monitoring
Posted on 10/22/2021 at 12:50

Effective Monday, October 25, 2021, the following changes will be applied in PowerSchool to assist with monitoring English Learners. Please see the complete list of changes below.

  • English Learner - Parent Request – A new option to record parent requests opting out of EL Instructional Setting. Site administrator must still consult with parent upon completion of the Opt-out of EL Services form and ensure that all required signatures are present on the document prior to emailing the document to [email protected].
  • EL Instructional Setting Opt-Out Report – This report will list actively enrolled English Learners that have a parent request entry to opt-out of EL Instruction. To run this report, select sqlReports, and then look under English Learner reports.
  • English Learner – Proficiency and Programs – Programs & Services display will be modified to first sort the most current program.
  • Reclassified Scheduled Follow-ups – Effective this school year, the number of follow-ups per reclassified student will change from 6 entries to 4 follow-ups.  Depending on the reclassification entry timeframe, the follow-ups will be set annually in November or March.
  • Reclassification Follow-up Reports – The elementary report will be revised to give users more specific instruction on Acceptable and Unacceptable criteria.
  • New Languages – A set of new and updated Languages, released by CALPADS, will be available in various language dropdowns throughout PowerSchool.

Please contact the Office of Language Acquisition (OLA) at [email protected] with any questions about these updates or English Learners.