Changes in PowerSchool version 19.4.4

Changes in PowerSchool version 19.4.4
Posted on 10/01/2019

Over the weekend of September 27, 2019, PowerSchool was upgraded to version 19.4.4. Please share the following changes with other school staff at your site.

  • New Languages in dropdowns = New languages have been added to dropdowns in PowerSchool for the Home Language Survey and Parent Primary Language. The language dropdown menu has also been reordered to list most languages in alphabetical order (English and Spanish will remain the first two selections). The new languages are listed below:
    • Dinka
    • Dzongkha
    • Haitian (Haitian Creole)
    • Kachin (Jingpho)
    • Karen languages
    • Kinyarwanda
    • Lingala
    • Nepali
    • Oromo
    • Swahili
  • New Action Codes in Incident Management = New Action Codes have been added in Incident Management:
    • Physical Restraint = A personal restriction that immobilizes or reduces the ability of a pupil to move (with exceptions)
    • Mechanical Restraint = Use of a device or equipment to restrict a pupil's freedom of movement (with exceptions)
    • Seclusion = Involuntary confinement of a pupil alone in a room or area
    • School-related Arrest = An arrest of a student for any on-school grounds or off-campus school activities, or due to referral of any school official
    • Law Enforcement Referral = An action by which a student is reported to any law enforcement agency or official, not including school-related arrests
    • No Action = Where there were no actions/consequences for a particular incident
  • Repeated Course Grade Suppression page = The Repeated Course Grade Suppression page, under System Setup, was previously not working correctly. When attempting to process grade suppression for a group of students, the "Loading" dialog would appear but did not close and students were not processed. This problem is now resolved.