Changes to Realize, enVision, and Intg CME Math

Changes to Realize, enVision, and Integrated CME Math for 2020-21
Posted on 08/06/2020 at 01:01

This email includes important information about changes to Realize, enVision, and Integrated CME Math for the 2020-21 school year. Please share this information with teachers and other instructional staff at your site who need to be aware.

We’re changing the name!

Savvas EasyBridge is the NEW name of the platform where teachers and students will access Realize, enVision Math, Integrated CME Math, Words Their Way, Savvas CA High School History Social Studies, and any other products previously accessed via the Pearson Courses link. We will no longer refer to this platform as Pearson Courses. As you may be aware, Pearson’s K-12 Learning division separated officially from Pearson, Inc. last year. The company is now called Savvas Learning.

We’re making it easier to access this platform!

Effective Monday, August 17, 2020, students and teachers will access Savvas EasyBridge through the Clever Portal instead of through PowerTeacher and the PowerSchool Student Portal. The existing links to Pearson Courses will also be removed from PowerTeacher and the Student Portal.

Instructions for accessing Savvas EasyBridge through the Clever Portal are provided below:

  1. Visit the Clever Portal at
  2. Select Login with Active Directory
  3. Enter your district ID and password
  4. Select the tile/icon for Savvas EasyBridge

Important reminder! Teachers must first assign a Product to their class. Follow the instructions to assign a product to your class.

Now with Google Classroom integration!

For the 2020-21 school year, teachers will also have the option to sync your Savvas Realize account with Google Classroom. Additional resources are provided below for teachers who are interested.

 Important! Teachers who choose to use the Google Classroom integration should hide the class which was automatically created for you and use only the Google integrated class. Otherwise, students might get confused and select the wrong class. Follow the instructions to hide a class in Realize.

 Step 1: Connect your Realize and Google Accounts

Step 2: Learn how to initiate student connections and create assignments

Step 3: Students Log in and Connect

Additional Savvas EasyBridge resources

For additional training and support, please visit Below are some helpful links within the site to reference as a starting point: