Enrollment Form Changes

Enrollment Form Changes
Posted on 04/08/2020

Effective Monday, April 13, 2020, changes will be applied to PowerSchool based on the 2020-21 Enrollment Form. Please share the following information with users at your school who handle enrollment in PowerSchool.

The updated Enrollment Form is also available on the district website.

The following areas of PowerSchool will be updated to reflect changes to the 2020-21 Enrollment Form:

  • Demographics page, under Students
  • Enrollment Form reports, under Print Reports/Print A Report
  • sqlReports, under System Reports

Changes to the Demographics page:

A few questions have been renumbered to align with the new form.

  • Question 7 - Nonbinary has been added. See Understanding Nonbinary Identities for more information.
  • Question 8 - label change to Latino/a/x
  • Question 11b - Added Student Phone (optional)
  • Question 13 - label change to Primary Phone
  • Question 16 - Added First enrolled in US Preschool
  • Question 24 - Added Primary Language for emergency contacts
  • Question 30 - label change to specify Grade 12 only and an informational link has been added

Changes to the Enrollment Form reports:

To access the Enrollment Form report, select one or more students, select Print Reports from the functions menu or select Print A Report when viewing an individual student, then select one of the reports below. Please note that report names have been updated to include the school year. Please also note that the 2019-20 reports will be removed at the end of the school year.

  • Enrollment Form-EN 2020-21 (English)
  • Enrollment Form-ES 2020-21 (Spanish)

Other Changes:

Parent Portal Updates - The Parent Portal Updates feature has been modified to match changes made to the Enrollment Form for 2020-21. As a reminder, schools can use this feature to provide parents with a way to submit changes to most of the information which appears on the Enrollment Form. For more information about using the Parent Portal Updates feature please refer to the Parent and Student Portal resources page.