Important Reminder-Teacher Schedule Assignments

Important Reminder – Teacher Schedule Assignments
Posted on 09/28/2022 at 13:30

CALPADS Census Day reporting of staff and teacher schedule assignments is on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

As teacher schedule assignments are verified and aligned with school allocations, be mindful of what is/will be reported to the state on this day and follow the proper steps to reassign, close, or create a new section, and when replacing or removing Lead and ZZTeachers.  It is critical for schools to complete these tasks correctly in order for your school and the district to meet state reporting requirements.

  • Teacher Scheduling – Refer to the Elementary or Secondary Scheduling Handbooks for instructions on reassigning, closing, or creating a new teacher section.
  • ZZTeachers or Teacher Placeholder – Check that all temporary ZZTeacher or Placeholder teachers in your school schedule are updated to a known instructor. Please see the Replacing a ZZTeacher or Other Teacher Placeholder job aid for further instructions on how to update sections in your school schedule by October 5, 2022.