Independent Study Agreements in PowerSchool

Independent Study Agreements in PowerSchool
Posted on 11/09/2021 at 09:30

As published in the November 8 Principal Updates, changes will be made to PowerSchool on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, to add Independent Study Agreements. This new feature in PowerSchool will allow parents to initiate a contract through the parent portal. Site-designated attendance staff and school administrators will be able to identify submissions from parents, and educators can add daily/weekly instruction or interaction and sign the contract online.

To assist with this process in PowerSchool, IT has created separate job aids for parent/guardians, designated attendance staff and administrators, and educators. A new report will also be included to help identify students with pending applications.

  • Completing a Contract for Independent Study ApplicationJob aid for educators to assist with completing this process.
  • Processing a Contract for Independent Study Application Job aid for designated site attendance staff to assist with process.
  • Independent Study - Application status: This report will list active students enrolled at your school where there is an independent study contract pending. To run the report, select Reports on the left-side menu, select sqlReports, and then expand the group of Attendance reports.

For attendance related questions, please contact the Pupil Accounting Department:

Dea Slieff: [email protected] – All Schools

Isela Young: [email protected] – Secondary Schools and K-8 Schools

Kate Formanek: [email protected] – Elementary Schools