New Digital Document Delivery feature

New Digital Document Delivery feature
Posted on 08/13/2021 at 09:15

Effective Monday, August 16, 2021, a new feature named Digital Document Delivery will be added to PowerSchool. Digital Document Delivery gives schools the ability to email reports and letters, in a PDF format, to parents/guardians. Select PowerSchool reports, or mail merged PDFs can be split using a student’s ID number for individual delivery. Flyers or brochures in PDF format can also be emailed to a list of parents/guardians.

Please note that school users who need access to Digital Document Delivery need to have a new security role assigned in PowerSchool. Please work with the Power User at your site if you need access

Important: Please read the Digital Document Delivery Handbook before sending parents/guardians any documents. It is important for schools to understand how this new feature works and what parents/guardians will receive.

In addition to the handbook mentioned above, the following resources are also available to assist schools and parents/guardians. These resources will also be made available on the PowerSchool training and support website.

Please note that a new nightly process will be implemented to support Digital Document Delivery. The nightly process will enable the Opt-In checkbox on the student’s Document Delivery Preferences page and add the parent/guardian email for all currently active students. This process will skip students that have no valid parent/guardian email addresses in the Parent/Student Portal, or on the Demographics page. Once the nightly process has enabled a student for Document Delivery, schools, and parents/guardians will be responsible for managing these preferences.