New features for the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal

New features for the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal
Posted on 05/21/2020

Effective Tuesday, May 26, 2020, two new features will be available to support the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal:

Multiple Languages

The PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal website will be updated to include options for displaying information in Spanish and Vietnamese. Parents and students will see a new dropdown on the portal login page to Select Language.

Please note that only informational wording, labels, page titles, and navigation items will be translated. Most of the information from PowerSchool (course names, teacher names, etc.) will not be translated. In addition, there are certain pages, such as the Score Reports page, which cannot currently be translated.

School staff should also be aware that the School Bulletin will now support Spanish and Vietnamese, in addition to English. Please refer to the Parent/Student Portal Administration handbook, page 16 for instructions on how to create a bulletin message.

PowerSchool Mobile App

The PowerSchool Mobile app will be made available to parents and students. The mobile app provides a “mobile friendly” version of the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal website. The mobile app is designed for iPhones/iOS, tablets, and Google/Android devices. Please note parents and students must have a Parent/Student Portal account to use the mobile app.

Instructions for downloading the PowerSchool Mobile App are available at The Parent/Student Portal support site will be updated with additional information to support the mobile app.

The PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal will be updated to display the district code and to provide links for downloading the mobile app. When parents and students launch the app for the first time, they will be prompted to enter a district code, to search for a school district, or to enter a server address/URL. Parents and students can use any of the following options to configure the app to connect to San Diego Unified School District:

  • Find the code for San Diego Unified School District by logging into the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal and then look near the bottom of the page.
  • Search for San Diego Unified School District in the list of districts for California.
  • Enter the Server Address or URL

Please note that certain features available on the Parent/Student Portal website are not available on the mobile app.