Nonbinary Gender changes

Nonbinary Gender changes
Posted on 01/24/2020

Effective Monday, January 27, 2020, changes will be made in PowerSchool to support students who have a Nonbinary gender. Please share this information with other appropriate school staff at your site.

Both the Legal and Preferred gender for students will now include the following options:

  • Female (F)
  • Male (M)
  • Nonbinary (X)

For additional information please refer to Understanding Nonbinary Identities or contact the Department of Youth Advocacy at [email protected].

To initiate preferred name and/or gender changes, use the updated Student Information Change Request Form. Additional information is provided in Site Operations Circular No. 2033 as well as the job aid which is available to assist schools with making changes and understanding the changes in PowerSchool. The Department of Youth Advocacy provides a Gender Support Plan Document to support school site staff in name/gender change student meetings and in the development of a plan with and for students with a preferred gender change.