Online/Hybrid Instruction Special Programs

Online/Hybrid Instruction Special Programs
Posted on 04/12/2021 at 07:50

IT has mass assigned Online/Hybrid Instruction Special Programs in PowerSchool based on Illuminate family/student survey selection data as of Friday, April 9, 2021. Any adjustments after today can be managed by a Power User or assigned staff with permissions to add/delete special programs. To help with this transition, IT changed a few reports and added an alert visible in PowerSchool and PowerTeacher. All changes are listed below and compiled in the Online/Hybrid Instruction job aid with directions on running each report.

  • Online Instruction Alert – This alert will display in PowerSchool Administrator and PowerTeacher for students in the Online Instruction Special Program
  • Special Program - Online or Hybrid Instruction – This report will help identify each student’s instructional selection.
  • Attendance Code Counts Report – This report was updated to include an additional column in the results to display Online or Hybrid Instruction
  • Special Program Class Roster – This report was updated to include Online or Hybrid Instruction.  This report is accessible in PowerSchool Administrator and PowerTeacher.
  • Attendance Rosters – This report was updated to display an asterisk next to a student’s name to indicate students in Online Instruction.