Opening of School Reminders

Opening of School Reminders
Posted on 08/22/2019

This email provides important information and reminders for PowerSchool as we prepare for the 2019-20 school year. Please share this information with other appropriate school staff at your site.

  • Effective Friday, August 23, 2019, all schools using PowerScheduler will have had their master schedules "Committed" to the live side of PowerSchool. Access to PowerScheduler will be removed until it is needed again in the spring.
  • Effective Friday, August 23, 2019, the following reports will be disabled. They will be re-enabled when they are needed again in the spring.
    • Next Year All Students
    • Next Year Incoming Students
    • Next Year Outgoing Students
    • Students Who May Be Missing Next School
    • Next Year Course Requests
    • Next Year Sections in PowerScheduler
    • Next Year Sections Special Program Counts
    • PowerScheduler - Program Balancing Tags
    • Check Cycle Day Names for PowerScheduler
  • Effective Friday, August 23, 2019 at 12:00 PM, the IT Department will enable the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal, for schools who have not already done so. If your school is ready to enable the Parent/Student Portal now, follow the instructions below to provide parents and students with access. For further information about the Parent/Student Portal, please refer to the Parent and Student Portal Administration handbook.
    • Select School Setup, from the left-hand side of the page
    • Select Parent/Student Access
    • Turn off the checkbox for Disable Access To Public Portal
    • Schools can optionally remove the Custom Access Disabled Title and Custom Access Disabled Message, if they wish
    • Click the Submit button
  • List of Districts on the Demographics page - The list of districts shown in the District of Residence drop-down menu has been updated.
  • List of CA Public Schools on District Exit page - The list of CA Public Schools has been updated.
  • IT Back-to-School Resource Connection - The IT Back-to-School Resource Connection webpage contains just-in-time information pertinent to opening of school. Find helpful material from PowerSchool and participating departments such as Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options, Research and Evaluation, and Pupil Accounting.
  • Opening of School Guide for Power Users - To assist schools with PowerSchool opening of school tasks, IT has created a job aid of important items to check before and after the first day of school.
  • Updated Handbooks and Job Aids - Please be sure to check for updated PowerSchool Handbooks and Job Aids.
  • PowerSchool Training - Check our Training Calendar for upcoming PowerSchool training sessions. Please sign up in ERO.
  • Access in PowerSchool - Review staff who have access to your school in PowerSchool. Remove teachers who are no longer at your school. Review and adjust permissions for staff at your school, as needed. Schools are responsible for maintaining permissions for users at their site. For additional instructions, please refer to the System Administration for Power Users Handbook.
  • Incomplete Enrollments report - Run this report daily the first couple of weeks of school, when the enrollment volume is high. Then run once a month to validate that no one at your site has started an enrollment and not completed it. To run this report select System Reports, sqlReports tab, and then expand the group of Enrollment reports. If the student is a no show, you must complete the Student Demographics page first, then drop the student as a No-Show. You may also contact the Help Desk to have them dropped.
  • Missing Home Language Survey - Run the Missing Home Language Survey report to identify students at your school where the Home Language Survey needs to be entered. To run this report, select <stro+ng>System Reports, select the sqlReports tab, and then expand the group of Enrollment reports.</stro+ng>
  • Verification of SSID report - Run this report to find students missing an SSID. Verify information is correctly entered on the Demographics page for Questions 45 or 46. To run this report select System Reports, select the sqlReports tab, and then expand the group of Enrollment reports.
  • ZZTeachers - Check that all temporary ZZTeacher entries in your master schedule are updated to a known instructor by October 2, 2019. Please see the Opening of School Guide, page 42, for further instructions regarding ZZTeachers. This task is critical for schools to complete in order for your school and the district to meet state reporting requirements.