PowerTeacher Pro in 2021-22!

PowerTeacher Pro in 2021-22!
Posted on 06/09/2021 at 13:15

Effective Fall 2021, PowerTeacher Gradebook is upgrading to PowerTeacher Pro.

Some of the new features and highlights that PowerTeacher Pro offers:

  • Accessibility from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Access to all classes together, from the same or multiple schools.
  • Copy assignments for students transferring from one class to another.
  • Easy to use graphs and charts to visualize student progress.
  • Manage assignments and analyze performance across one, some, or all classes.
  • Improved user experience; No installation needed, fully Web-based.

In collaboration with Leadership and Learning, IT trainers have selected self-paced PowerTeacher Pro video tutorials for teachers to use over the following months leading up to the launch date of August 2, 2021.

The video tutorials have been separated into three levels to assist with setup and navigation in PowerTeacher Pro:

Beginner content is designed to assist with the basic tasks of getting started and working in PowerTeacher Pro.

Intermediate and Advanced content explores additional learning including student reports, customization, and analysis of class progress and other data.

Visit Professional Learning to access the video tutorials. Search for PowerTeacher Pro - Elementary for elementary school educators, or PowerTeacher Pro - Secondary for secondary educators.

Additional information about open labs to support will be communicated by email and posted in Professional Learning.