Secondary Master Schedule Commit Information and Dates REMINDER!

Secondary Master Schedule Commit Information and Dates REMINDER!
Posted on 07/29/2019

If you have not submitted your Secondary School Commit Request please do so today!

Below is information on the Commit process for all Secondary and K-8 sites that are using PowerScheduler. Please review the information carefully and note this only applies to secondary schools.

Beginning Thursday, August 1st through Wednesday, August 21st, the IT department will commit all master and student schedules from the PowerScheduler side to the "live" side in PowerSchool. The commit process is for all secondary schools, including K-8. Please review the information carefully.

  • Because the commit process is done separately for each school, only a limited number of schools can be committed each day. Upon receipt of this e-mail, review with your administrator the best day for your master schedule commit, then use the 2019-20 Commit Questionnaire to submit your first and second commit date choice.
  • You will receive a scheduled event confirmation once your commit date has been calendared.
  • Review the job aid, Commit Process for Secondary and K-8 Schools, to complete all pre-commit tasks.

Any questions related to this communication please contact Liz Stevenson ([email protected]) and Carmen Salgado ([email protected]) via email.