Section Changes for Teachers who are Retiring

Section Changes for Teachers who are Retiring
Posted on 12/16/2020 at 11:40

This email includes information to assist schools when updating sections in their master schedule where a teacher may be retiring. Please refer to page 7 of the Adding New Teachers job aid, which applies to adding a new teacher to an existing section, also shown in the steps below. We recommend that schools take action now to assist teachers with the transition.

To add a new lead teacher to an existing class section:
1.    Edit the section for the class
2.    Do not remove the existing Lead Teacher from the class, instead you will add a new Lead Teacher
3.    Click the End Date for the retiring teacher and change the date to the last day the teacher will be teaching
4.    Click the Add button to add a new Lead Teacher
5.    Select the new teacher for the class from the dropdown menu
6.    Set the Start Date to the day after the existing teacher is retiring. Note that dates cannot overlap for Lead Teachers!
7.    Scroll down and click Submit to save your changes