Summer School/ESY Registration

Summer School and ESY Registration 2021-22
Posted on 04/05/2021 at 10:00

Effective Monday, April 5, 2021, the summer registration for Summer School and ESY programs will begin in PowerSchool. For a detailed timeline and directions for registering students refer to the Summer School/ESY Registration Process handbook. This year, two Open Labs for Summer School/ESY registration will be available on Thursday, April 8. Please sign up in Professional Learning. A summary of this year’s Summer School and ESY highlights has been provided below for your reference.

  • It is the responsibility of the student’s home school to tag students.
  • Students can be enrolled in Onsite OR Online courses, but not both. 
  • Online instruction for Secondary will require SS iHigh to be the primary summer school of enrollment. For questions regarding Online registration for Secondary schools, please contact Eunique Johnson, Online Program Manager, at [email protected].
  • Online instruction for Elementary will only be available at SS Baker, SS Florence, SS Fulton, SS Hickman, SS Linda Vista, SS Marvin, and SS Spreckels elementary schools.
  • ESY Eligible students should be enrolled by case managers using the summer page’s ESY Registration tab in PowerSchool. SS Whittier K-12 will be used for ESY Eligible Online instruction.

Summer “School Enrollments” will be created in the Summer Database for all students tagged in the main database up until Thursday, June 3, 2021 by 4:00 PM. Students not tagged on or before June 3 must be manually enrolled and scheduled in the summer school database. The Summer School database will be made available on Monday, May 10, 2021, for schools to begin the summer school setup.

ESY Registration will continue in the main database after June 7. However, students tagged after this date must be manually enrolled and scheduled in the summer school database.

Classified Post and Bid for those interested in working Summer School and ESY will be open April 26th through May 7th. The Site Operations Circular will be posted on or after March 31st with detailed instructions. For PeopleSoft technical support, contact Cleo Gonzales at [email protected]. For general questions regarding Summer School or ESY staffing, contact Lindsay Molinaro at [email protected].

Summer School Training

All staff members responsible for summer school setup or maintenance should attend Summer School training.

  • Setup sessions are for current HOST School Staff responsible for setting up the summer school master schedule.
  • Maintenance sessions are for staff HIRED to maintain the summer school database. 

Summer School classes will open up in Professional Learning beginning Mid-May. Please sign up in Professional Learning.

For Summer School support, contact Lisa Sheldon in the Summer School Office at [email protected].

For ESY support, contact Naomi Lewis in the Special Ed Office at [email protected].

For IHigh support, contact Eunique Johnson in the Division of Online Learning Office at [email protected].