What’s New in PowerSchool 1

What’s New in PowerSchool 1
Posted on 11/14/2019

Please see the information below regarding upcoming changes to PowerSchool and information about Elementary Student Progress Reports:

Elementary Student Progress Reports

  • Missing ELPAC Expected Performance Level (XPL) for some students - Schools have reported that some English Learners are missing the ELPAC Expected Performance Level (XPL) in PowerTeacher Gradebook. If the XPL is missing teachers should leave it blank. Changes will be applied for reporting period 2 to ensure students have an XPL value whenever possible. Please contact the Office of Language Acquisition (OLA) with any questions about Expected Performance Levels or which marks to enter for the Written and Oral Language standards.

New Reports

  • Folder Labels w/Gender and DOB (Avery 5160) - Effective Monday, November 18, 2019, a new report will be added to assist with printing folder labels which include Last Name, First Name, Grade Level, Student Number, Gender and Birthdate. To run this report, select a group of students from the PowerSchool Start page, select Special Functions, select Group Functions, and then select Print Mailing Labels.

Other Changes

  • Legal Bindings alert and Class Of in Student page header - Effective Monday, November 18, 2019, the Legal Bindings alert and Class Of will be re-enabled for Student pages in PowerSchool Administrator. These features had previously been disabled, temporarily, to assist with troubleshooting some issues.
  • New Security Role for Student Photos Report - Effective Monday, November 18, 2019, a new security role will be added for the Student Photos Report. The Student Photos Report is already accessible to users with the Power User or School Administration security role/group (there is no need to give these users the new role). If your school would like to provide access to the Student Photos report for someone with View Only access, for example, this new role can be assigned (in addition to View Only). Please take care when providing access to this report since the report also provides a way to download student photos. To run this report select System Reports, select the SDUSD tab, and then select Student Photos.