What's New in PowerSchool 3

What's New in PowerSchool 3
Posted on 10/11/2019

Please see the information below regarding changes to PowerSchool, effective Monday, October 14, 2019:

New Report

  • EL and Special Ed Student List - A new report will be added to show students who have both English Learner and Special Education programs. To run this report select System Reports, select the sqlReports tab, and then expand the group of English Learner reports.

Updated Reports

  • Reclassification Follow-up Report - This report will be revised to be in compliance with state review findings. To access this report, select one or more students, select Print Reports from the functions menu or select Print A Report when viewing an individual student, then select the report from the menu. For instructions on how to make a current student selection of who may need this report printed, please refer to page 23 in the English Learner Handbook.
  • Report Card - Elementary - The legend will be updated to reflect the new standards used with English Learners. Refer to the Elementary Student Progress Reporting Handbook for instructions on how to generate the Elementary Report Card.


  • Importing Photos Open Labs - These open labs are designed to provide staff members support with the process of importing student photos into PowerSchool. You must bring the student photo disc supplied by your school's photographer. If your school uses LifeTouch Photography, be sure you have the username and password to access the LifeTouch Portal. Sign up in ERO.