What’s New in PowerSchool? 2/25/22

What's New in PowerSchool?
Posted on 02/25/2022 at 09:04

New Reports/Features

  • New Document Delivery Template: A new template has been loaded to support the digital delivery of Elementary Report Cards. Please sign up in Professional Learning to attend training before using this feature to email this report.

Other Changes

  • School Finder website: The School Finder website has been updated to include information for the 2022-23 school year.


  • PowerTeacher Pro Videos: A new video has been added to the library of video tutorials for teachers. This just in time video will assist elementary teachers with entering grades:

Entering Elementary Standards Grades in PowerTeacher Pro (2.14min)

  • Reports for Next Year: These reports are essential for gathering information on where students will be enrolled next year and their grade levels.  These reports should be run periodically and up to the end of the school year to ensure students’ next grade and next school are correctly set. To run these reports, select Reports on the left-side menu, select sqlReports, then expand the group of Enrollment reports:
  • Next Year All Students – Shows all students identified to attend your school next year (continuing or new students)
  • Next Year Incoming Students – Shows all new (incoming) students who will be attending your school next year
  • Next Year Outgoing Students – Shows all students who will be attending a different school next year (outgoing students)
  • Students Who May Be Missing Next School – Shows students where we may not know where the student will be attending next year. Use the Scheduling Setup page, in PowerSchool, to set the Next School to your school for these students or to indicate the student is Not continuing next year.
  • PowerSchool Training Resources: Visit the PowerSchool website for resources and training opportunities.